We are Republicans, conservatives, and former Trump-voters who put country before party—or any one man. IT’S OKAY TO CHANGE YOUR MIND OHIO, WE DID…


We voted for Donald Trump in 2016; We reached our breaking points.

There needed to be some major change.

And along came Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is not a Conservative. His spending. His deficit.

My Problem with him is he lies.

I’m tired of being embarassed.

It’s OK to change your mind, Ohio. We did.

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“Appomattux Surrender” by Louis Mathieu Guillaume ©

It was the beginning of the end of the Civil War. Union commander Ulysses S. Grant’s Appomattox Courthouse meeting with Robert E. Lee was deliberately gracious. Grant opened by recalling their days in the battlefields together, as victors in the Mexican-American war. Their “talk” would be the first step on a long road to healing a bitterly-divided country.

Then General Ulysses S. Grant’s credentials in preserving the Union are second only to President Abraham Lincoln. As Union General, Grant led his forces to victory. But after the war, he led our nation through a time of healing through his Presidency.

Like Ohioans, Grant was humble and determined. While he wasn’t a dramatic character, he did rise to the moment to unite a nation most divided.

In an extraordinary time, Operation Grant for Ohio are Republicans and Independent supporters who seek to rise to this moment to unite our divided nation. Meet our team.

Join our movement: volunteer and donate. Share your story with us, too.