Originally Published: Columbus Dispatch By Rocky Saxbe 

I have been a member of the Republican Party for over 50 years. My family’s Republican roots go back to the Civil War. I served four terms in the Ohio legislature and my father, William B. Saxbe, was Ohio’s U.S. senator and was both the Ohio and U.S. attorney general. But I am voting for Democrat Joe Biden.

Like other Republicans, I wanted President Trump to make America great. But after four years of divisive and dishonest conduct, incompetent management of our response to the pandemic and its economic fallout, systematic dismantling of our international relationships and abandonment of traditional Republican principles, Donald Trump doesn’t deserve to be reelected.

No one can consider our current circumstances and conclude things will get better. Americans face a desperate future. Our streets are filled with protests and violence and Americans are dying in too many unnecessary ways. But Donald Trump’s focus is on his future, not ours. Division and fear are all he promises.

When the president called Sen. John McCain a “loser,” I was offended. And as a Marine Vietnam veteran, I’m disgusted by revelations of his disdain for those who served in that unpopular war. We were not losers or suckers for answering our country’s call, unlike this president who wonders “What was in it for them?” when before the graves of fallen heroes. No surprise a majority of our military opposes the reelection of their commander in chief.

I’ve joined with other Republicans to support Operation Grant, which is dedicated to defeating Donald Trump and reclaiming the purpose and soul of the Republican Party. Joe Biden’s record of honor, integrity and bipartisan cooperation reassures me that he will lead our country out of the darkness that dominates every aspect of our lives.

Join me and Operation Grant and help lead our country back into the light.

Rocky Saxbe, Bexley