Originally Published: By Dana Blanton | Fox News; To email Operation Grant: rise@operationgrant.org

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden leads President Donald Trump in the battleground states of Nevada, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, according to Fox News statewide likely voter surveys.

In each of the three states, majorities disapprove of the job Trump is doing as president, pluralities say coronavirus is “not at all” under control, and Biden is the preferred choice when it comes to handling the virus. Plus, he’s favored over Trump to nominate the next U.S. Supreme Court justice.  

There are few undecided voters, and Biden’s support is 50 percent or better in each state.  His advantage over Trump is outside the margin of error in Nevada and Pennsylvania, but not Ohio. 

Across the states, Biden’s edge comes mainly from women, nonwhites, voters under age 35, and those ages 65 and over.  When it comes to handling coronavirus in particular, more seniors trust Biden to do a better job than Trump — in larger numbers than back his candidacy overall. 

About 9 in 10 of both Biden and Trump supporters in each state are extremely or very interested in the election.

All interviews were completed after the September 18 death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Here are the results by state:


It’s a 5-point race in Ohio, Biden 50 percent vs. Trump 45 percent.

Here’s why it’s tight.  Men back the president by 4 points, while women go for Biden by 14.  White voters without a college degree pick Trump by 18 points, while Whites with a degree back Biden by 7.  And Trump is the choice among rural voters by 17 points, while suburbanites like Biden by 10.

Biden’s overall advantage comes mainly from his 75-point lead among nonwhites.  Whites favor Trump by 7.

Ohio voters think Biden is better on coronavirus (+14 points) and nominating the next Supreme Court justice (+6).  They think Trump is better on the economy (+5), while the two are closely matched on policing and criminal justice (Biden +2). 

Half of Ohioans (51 percent) say they are holding steady financially, while the rest split between falling behind (27 percent) and getting ahead (21 percent).


On whether coronavirus is under control, 28 percent think it is completely/mostly under control, 31 percent say somewhat, and a 38 percent plurality says “not at all.”

That leads to mixed marks for the president’s job performance: 47 percent approve, while 51 percent disapprove.

Trump won Ohio in 2016 by 8 points, receiving about 52 percent of the vote.