Originally published: Yahoo! News, Associated Press Videos

A group of anti-Trump Republicans – “Operation Grant” – in Ohio is hoping a strong debate performance from Democrat Joe Biden will help win over traditional GOP voters who are having second thoughts about supporting President Donald Trump. (Sept. 29)

Video Transcript

MICHAEL ANNE JOHNSON: We’ve decided that Trump does not represent the values of the party or our personal values, and we are trying to convince those Republicans that are on the fence that maybe have some misgivings about Trump that it’s OK to change your mind this time.

You could still be a Republican, but you should vote for Joe Biden, because he is a man of integrity and trustworthy, and he will change the direction that this country is heading. We’re very concerned about the direction of the country under Trump.

We’re looking to the people that are on the fence, that don’t go, whether they’re going to vote for Trump, or are going to vote for Biden. And certainly if he comes across very strong, that will possibly and probably affect those voters that we’re trying to reach.

I think there’s thousands of them out there. So you see all these individuals explaining– they’re our friends and neighbors, explaining why they’ve changed their mind. And I think that encourages other people to change their mind.

Email Operation Grant for Ohio rise@operationgrant.org