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Operation Grant makes its way to Lima to persuade conservatives and independents to vote for Joe Biden in the Presidential Election.

Members of The Lincoln Project and Republican Voters Against Trump have come together for this campaign. It includes former city council members, a COVID-19 survivor, a retired brigadier general and a farmer.

They take issue with how the president responded to the pandemic by not uniting the country to solve the problem. They say they won’t vote for Donald Trump because he’s turned his back on NATO allies, he’s used religion as a campaign tool and has broken the law.

A local farmer says Trump’s, “war on trade” has severely hurt the farming communities.

“I was chair of Shelby County Board of Elections at the time,” said Chris Gibbs, a farmer. “We had the Department of Homeland Security assisting us on a statewide level because Russia had influence on our 2016 election. So, we were trying to ensure it never happened again in 2018. And for the President to stand up and side with Vladimir Putin, was the absolute last straw for me.”

All of these individuals say they’re lifelong Republicans and share why, this time around, they are straying from the Republican candidate and others should too.

“Vote for your local Republican candidates,” Phil Heimlich said, co-founder of Operation Grant. “Like, for me I voted for the prosecutor that I worked for in Cincinnati. I voted for the county commissioner that I served with. That’s fine, but when it comes to the national level be a patriot. Be a patriot. Vote for the person that’s going to help this country. Put the country over your party.”

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